Exotic Bullies & American dogs

We are Titus Kennels and we breed some of the most unique and exotic dogs from around the world.

Whether you’re wanting a smaller lovable dog or big friendly giant we have the right companion for you and your family. We raise all our dogs in our family home to ensure they’re well socialised to integrate to modern family life.

Titus Kennels was created from our beloved family Doberman Titus who sadly passed away in 2018. Titus was a massive part of our family life, he’d always want to play and socialise. His incredible love, soft manner and impeccable temperament made him one of a kind. When Titus passed we decided to start Titus Kennels, we mostly specialise in the most luxurious American XL Bullys, French Bulldogs and NAM (North American Mastiffs), however, we also breed Exotic Micro Bullys and Presa Canario’s.

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Why use Titus Kennels?

We are the only North American Mastiff breeders in the United Kingdom, to prove this we hold all the required legal documentation from our breeding partners in USA.

All our American XL Bullys are imported from the best kennels in the world including; Bossy Kennels, Swag Kennels, Untouchabullz and Galan Kennels.


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If you are looking for a super dog then look no further your in the right place. Titus Kennels specialise in breeding; American XL Bully's, French Bulldogs, NAM (North American Mastiffs), Exotic Micro Bully's and Presa Canario's.